Monday, 16 September 2013

Rantie mania is in town

I can't remember a time when AFCB supporters were so excited about a new signing as the build up behind the arrival of Tokelo Rantie. No, I'm wrong. Perhaps when George Best joined the club for a few games, but that aside, I think not even the likes of Darren Anderton, Luther Blissett and Jermain Dofoe have aroused as much excitement before they had even kicked a ball at Dean Court.

Should we be overly excited at a 23 year old who has only had a few international caps for South Africa and is himself just excited to be playing at an English club? I would like to see Rantie play before I cast an opinion on him, but it seems that many have already decided that he will be amazing. At least I suppose those who are confident a club record transfer can only mean success are thoroughly behind Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall and trust their judgement.

What I don't like is those who build people up for a fall. Tokelo has made a major decision in his life to come to AFC Bournemouth and I wish him every bit of success, like I am sure all of you do. But I won't hype him up or expect him to score a double hat-trick in his first game for the Cherries. While he may say in interview that he accepts the challenge and does not mind the pressure, I think his adrenaline levels will be pretty pumped when he does take to the field on Tuesday. I know the fans will give him a rapturous welcome and the Tokelo songs are already being hurriedly written.

Of course, if Tokelo does have a fantastic game there will be many who will be expecting him to do the same every game. No pressure then Tokelo! Welcome to AFC Bournemouth. UTCIAD!

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