Friday, 6 September 2013

Pitman's disputed goal is a gift

When Doncaster succumbed to the ball into the box from Charlie Daniels that Brett Pitman says flicked his left foot on the way in, it signalled the start of something special for Brett. He will have been desperate to have a goal in the Championship and having seen Lewis Grabban get a good head start on him, no one should be surprised that he wanted to claim the goal and dismissed talk of it going clean in from Daniels or the notion that Husband had scored an own goal. Strikers are greedy and Brett wanted the goal - end of the matter!

The need for him to score is also evident with the imminent arrival of Tokelo Rantie and the return to fitness of Josh McQuoid. There is real quality now up front for the team, and if Eddie picks his strikers on who is putting the ball in the back of the net the most then Lewis is well ahead at the moment, despite Brett's great run of form at the end of last season.

The one striker who has looked out of form is Wes Thomas. While he has not had so much time on the pitch, when he has come on he has not looked like he has been up for the fight to me. This seemed the case to me at Watford in the Capital One Cup game any way. Knowing that you are not first choice must have an effect on any player, but with Wes I get the feeling that he needs to be told he is doing well, patted on the back and given lots of encouragement. Even with a big squad I expect Eddie will be trying to encourage him. A full firing Wes Thomas would be of benefit for the team.

Brett is up for the challenge, but Thomas looks spent
already. Come on Wes, you can do it.
Pitman is off and running now. The goal will give him an extra bit of confidence in training this week and he will live off of it until his next strike. Training will be fun for AFCB in these two weeks as the team will know that they have done better than expected and that they have two great home games up next, starting with the league leaders. The difficulty now is making sure that you are one of the 11 that gets noticed enough to get a shirt. 

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