Monday, 2 September 2013

Mitchell's difficult decision

Last night Twitter chat was very lively following the news from Echo reporter Neil Perrett that Chairman Eddie Micthell was close to agreeing a deal to sell his share holding in AFCB. It was also said that the Russian business partners would be looking to invest some £40 million in the club.

Like many AFCB supporters I was absolutely shocked at the rumours considering where Eddie Mitchell has taken the club to and what he has gone through to get it to the Championship. Some have said that he may not have had much choice, but the Echo reporter suggested that Mitchell has possibly been considering selling his shares for some months. 

Eddie Mitchell's chairmanship began in June 2009 and he holds 25 per cent of the club with his wife Brenda holding a further 25 per cent and Russian Maxim Demin owns the other 50 per cent of AFCB. He has seen the club promoted twice from the League Two into League One and from League One to the Championship.

The decision either way will be a massive point in the club's history. AFC Bournemouth has never had such significant backing. I believe that Eddie Mitchell has always had the best interests of the fans in mind with the many difficult decisions he has taken over the years and this one is likely to be no different. We all know that chairman come and go, but this move is significant if it takes place.

I am sure that supporters views may well be mixed on this and what effect it will have on the management at the club and the players is impossible to tell at the moment.

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