Monday, 30 September 2013

Is Pitman really off his game or playing out of position?

There are a lot of rumblings about whether Pitman is happy playing as a number 10 in the whole and whether he should be enjoying his time more out on the pitch. While his running style always makes him look like he is a bit lacklustre, he can switch in a second and his alertness to opportunities is way ahead of anyone else in the team. 

Pitman is very good at showing his disappointment when things are not going his way or when others make mistakes, but when he is having a bad game he really does disappear. He has had a couple of games now when he has been culpable of giving the ball away too easily and inviting pressure back on his team. The annoyance I find with it is that it gets him down. Rather than brush himself off and pick himself up he seems to find it difficult to shake off a bad pass and go again.

Brett: can he up his game?
I do think that Pitman is one of those players who needs to feel loved and to have someone putting an arm around him and having a quiet word to say you are the main man and we have confidence in you to get us the goals. 

The arrival of Tokelo may well be having more of an impact on Brett than he outwardly would admit. But we need him at his best and we also need Rantie and Grabban playing at their best. There is simply no room for the team to carry anyone and Brett can be one of the leaders of the team when the goals are going in for him. 

We love that cockiness of the quick free kicks, the energy he puts into winning headers and his speed of thought to find the space in goal front of goal. He is a diamond of a player when he is on form and it is up to Jason and Eddie to keep him ticking along at a higher rate than he has been operating of late.

I may be out voted here, but I want us to play 4-4-2 at Leeds with Brett and Grabban up front. I just think AFCB need some familiarity when going to such a difficult ground. Come on now don't be shy come and agree/disagree with me. All views are welcome as comments. It's your team we are talking about :-)

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