Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reassuring words from Jeff Mostyn

This week has been a bit quite, dare I say, since Eddie Mitchell's decision to resign his position as chairman. The worry that I have always had is what kind of voice will we have from our owners now that Eddie has left the club. It would not be fair on the fans for the club not to have a chairman, as has been suggested in some conversations, so it was pleasing that vice chairman Jeff Mostyn broke the silence yesterday and said he would be honoured to take on the responsibility if asked to by Maxim Demin.  

There were a few other things that the BBC interview highlighted that may give AFCB supporters some reassurance as they try and peer into the future. Jeff said the club is "in safe hands" under Max and while the fans do not know much about the Russian owner at least it sounds like the board are confident that the direction in which the club has been taken is set to continue. In Jeff words, it's a case of: "Everything about this club smacks at being at the top level and that is our ambition."

That word "ambition" keeps cropping up when there is talk from those at the heart of the club and it has indeed been exciting times. Where the ambition will take the Cherries remains to be seen, but AFCB certainly has people that want it to get to the very top tier.

I'm glad that Jeff is fully behind what has been happening at AFCB and if he does become the chairman it would give the fans more confidence and help the stability. Jeff is one of our own and while Maxim is our biggest investor, he needs to get closer to AFCB fans to receive their full appreciation if that is what he wants. Certainly the fans need a figure head behind which they can rally, although Eddie Howe already offers this to a large extent.

The unknown is perhaps what most AFCB fans are wary of. We have seen some hard times and many redundancies in the past and with the club being very close to folding. It is the financial side of matters that us fans will always concerns fans.

What you can't deny is the achievements of the last four years have been pretty astounding, both on and off the pitch. We are headed into a new period in the club's history. That slogan which says "Anything is possible" has also now been reinforced by the signing of a highly rated international striker. 

Reassurance is something that will only come over time, but Jeff Mostyn is sure that AFCB fans should be enjoying the rise of the club at the moment. Undoubtedly, another three points at the weekend will help to put a smile on people's faces.    

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