Thursday, 26 September 2013

McDermott and McQuoid are ready to step in

Both Donal McDermott and Josh McQuoid are not so far away from making a reappearance in the team by the looks of the current situation. The substitues' bench against Middlesbrough was graced by both of these players, although MacDonald was perhaps more surprised than most to be named in the final squad with Ryan Fraser pulling out just before the match kicked off.

The squad is really being tested now and while others are out I expected Eddie Howe to put at least one of these two on to the pitch as it drew towards the end against Middlesbrough, but he chose not to make a change. Eddie did have one substitute left up his sleeve but for once Grabban, Pugh and Pitman were allowed to play out the game with only Thomas and MacDonald coming on in the second 45 minutes of play.

McQuoid will surely be used in upcoming games.
With Pugh, Eddie may have been taking a risk leaving him out because he was on a yellow card. Still, when he kept Pugh on in the Barnsley game and he came up with the vital goal and that could have been in his thinking. So for McQuoid especially, the wait goes on but I don't expect it to be long before he gets his opportunity.

Donal: a late call up to the bench against Middlesbrough.

If Eddie really does see McQuoid as a forward option he might well be selected to come on to replace one of the other forwards ahead of Wes Thomas in one of the next few games. Giving him a bit more time to get over the surgery may not be such a bad thing in the long term. We don't need another player breaking down having only just come back to fitness.

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