Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Media coverage of Cherries set to escalate

It should be good news for all league fans who can get their hands on internet access that the SKYBet leagues have done a deal with the football clubs and YouTube to bring even more video coverage and news of the game to supporters. We are in an age of fast communication and social media is booming. There is more information and news coming out of the clubs and I suppose Cherry Chimes is just another product of that.

I am pleased that information about AFCB has grown so much. Back in the 1970s all we had was a few bits of news in the match day programme and if you were lucky a match report in the local rag. I used to fill the time by reading comics like Roy of the Rovers or enjoying the glossy pictures in Shoot. I am not sure my bedroom wall ever recovered from the blue tack that was supposed to come off without peeling off all the paint as well. I also still miss those cardboard league ladders that took hours to update. 

I confess that most of the posters were of Emlyn Hughes or Kenny Dalglish, but you would have found it hard to get many pictures of John Impey or Milton Graham. As a nine year old, I did always wonder why AFCB were not as good as Liverpool. 

The digital media age has changed all that and fast download and video content have us all captivated. In fact, I wonder where some of the players find the time to train with the amount of interviews they have. Such open access is now giving fans more chance to get close to their heroes and to understand them better.

Our appetite for news grows stronger and I expect you can probably watch football 24/7 if you really did have the time to do it. Well, I'll try and keep us as best we can at Cherry Chimes by adding our own bit of gossip and you'll notice that we have now teamed up with NewsNow to get our news articles listed along with most of the other major news sources on AFCB. Hopefully, we will still get seen in and amongst all the new traffic. 

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