Monday, 2 September 2013

What do we know about our Russian friends at AFCB?

While Maxim Demin has enjoyed a long honeymoon period as co-owner of AFCB and has not been one to embrace the media or fans, it is clear that we don't really know that much about him. Eddie Mitchell has told us that the club will be in good hands and that Maxim has provided an extraordinary amount of funds for the club since buying Steve Sly and Jeff Mostyn's 50 per cent in AFCB in November 2011. The 42 year old is known to be a petrochemicals trader and the managing director of Wintel Petrochemicals with a £10 million house in Sandbanks.

Two of Maxim's friends are Mikhail Ponomarev and Alexey Panferov who are on AFCB's board having joined it in November 2012 and I would expect that others might be joining them now. Ponomarev is the founder of Energy Consulting Group and is said to be heavily involved in football sponsorship in Russia. Meanwhile, Panferov is the founder and managing partner of NewRussianGrowth Private Equity and has been a CSKA Moscow fan.

So these three Russian businessmen have got to know the club really well by now and have been an integral part of its success, particularly last season. I would hope that the Board members can tell us some more of how they intend to take AFCB forward in the coming months. I am very intrigued to know what they have to say and I expect you are too.

While this transfer window looks like going through fairly quietly, next January might be a bit different and certainly next summer.

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