Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Subtle changes at Goldsands stadium

New crest sitting proudly at the stadium.
Have you been looking around the ground of late? Someone has been sprucing up the place a little more every time I put my head around  the corner. I don't mean the casual sweeping in front of the main reception, although thank you for whoever ensures my Cherry Chimes brick looks sparkling every time I set foot near the ground, I mean the new crest is ever present now. More than that, the new South stand has been adorned with some very prominent writing - 'Ted MacDougall stand' - writ large, right across the back of the stand. 

It is a good job Ted has a long name to run right along the enormous stand.
Those who wonder a little further around the Goldsands stadium will find that the Wall of Fame has been steadily growing. Now there are a few more AFCB sides covering the red bricks and it is really something to see the 2009/10 promotion winning team, in joyous colour, joining some of the older teams. My favourite has to be the 1982 team, as that was only the second season that I followed AFCB, even though I was well aware of Ted McDougall's exploits in the early 1970s.

Promotion from League Two to League One 2009-10

Promotion from League One to the Championship 2012/13
I do worry though if the club knows what to improve next. You would think that there is not much more they can do to smarten up the place but the ideas keep flooding in and it is great to see. I have to put my request in to Mr Demin for that swimming pool in the South stand when the club further rebuild for the Premiership.  

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