Friday, 6 September 2013

Mix and match kit – a lucky omen?

You may have missed the fact that in the last away game AFCB had to make a change to its away kit. Because Donny's home kit had a dashing pair of black shorts to go with their red and white hooped tops, AFCB's kit man was left with a bit of a problem. The all black kit that they were going to wear was going to cause confusion and so the team wore a hybrid of the third and away kit with black tops and white shorts and socks. I actually thought it looked pretty good and more importantly the team won. Shall we ask AFCB to do the same for the next away game?

At least AFCB's kit man remembered to take the kit, unlike the Millwall's kit man last week who is probably still being teased about forgetting the one thing he had to remember. Still they got away with a 2:2 draw at Sheffield Wednesday, so perhaps it was not such a bad omen to wear the opposition's away kit.

As shown in the last MatchDay programme, Gareth Davies is kindly providing us all with a historic look back at some of the best and worst kits that AFCB players have worn over the years. I am sure you all have your favourites. To some extent I get a bit nostalgic about tops. While I like them to last a long time and probably don't want to have to spend out on the latest design to keep up with the Joneses, it's also great to be able to have the same shirt as the team are performing in.

An update will be needed next season if you want a kit with the new crest on it. For those who just want to have the same kit as the Cherries wore against Doncaster Rovers this season, you'll just have to buy both the away and third kit.

I always knew I should have just bought the goal keeper's kit!

AFCB fan Robbie Sargent gave me this link for those interested in historical kits.

well done to Paul Ince in pipping Eddie Howe and a couple of others to SKYBet's August Manager of the Month in the Championship. Next time Eddie. UTCIAD!

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