Sunday, 8 September 2013

Returning players all bodes well for AFCB

AFCB should be back to its strongest line up very soon.
It has been a bit of a crazy start to the season for AFCB with quiet a few players simply not being available for selection. After seeing the likes of Matt Ritchie, Josh McQuoid, Mohamed Coulibaly, Wes Fogden, Tommy Elphick and Charlie Daniels missing games you might have thought that AFCB would be struggling down the bottom of the Championship. It is of great credit to those that have stepped in and taken the opportunity to seal a place in the first 11 that AFCB are sixth in the league.

While a lot has been said by Eddie Howe about the strength of the team we now have, I am not sure that all of us felt that we would be a match for most sides in the Championship. It is early days and the team has been brought down to earth a couple of times, but the way that they have bounced back shows that they are really pulling together. With big names not always playing either the re-introduction of some of those familiar faces will bolster the Cherries even more.

Instead of going into games wondering if the Cherries can play well against their new foes, I believe most AFCB fans are looking forward to the next crop of games after the international break. This is a season to try and enjoy the delights of the Championship, not fear them. Visit some of the most prestigious grounds in the country and you know what, the Cherries are likely to stun quite a few teams, even if they do get turned over now and again. While AFCB have found consistency hard to come by away from home, they have done well at Dean Court and we have more home matches in September than in August.

Charlie Daniels is all set to make the most of
his playing time in the Championship.
Many other teams have found consistency even harder to come by and so if the Cherries can score a few back-to back wins the whole season might take on a different complexion to what some of us expected at the start of the challenge. The return of some of AFCB's main players though will be central to the team's success. Keeping them on the pitch is what we have to hope for. But to be honest, AFCB is already looking a descent team.

By the way, Matt Ritchie was seen on the training pitches working with Steve Hard yesterday, according to Michael Dunne of All Departments.

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