Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rantie debut watch: minute by minute

With 35 minutes to go, the sound of the Goldsands stadium erupting in cheers to welcome Tokelo Rantie to the game in his debut against Barnsley was deafening enough just on the radio. I imagine it was at received at the ground in decibels that were off the register or equivalent to the sound of a jumbo jet passing by. Indeed, TK had flown in and spread a bit of South African sunshine on what had been a pretty drab game up until that point and he wasted no time in getting involved.

Here are some of his best contributions (estimated timings):

56th minute: Rantie  powers away with the ball, appears to lose control, regains it and fires in a shot just wide of the goal.

60th minute: Rantie again involved and sets up Ward for a shot in the box.

63rd minute: Rantie running down the left wing, eating up the ground.

68th minute: A scramble in the box with Pitman and Rantie trying to toe poke the ball home with Dawson making a last ditch tackle to concede a corner.

73rd minute: Rantie makes a run but is caught offside, even if Willo disputes it.

74th minute: Rantie pushes over Cranie for a foul.

84th minute: Rantie holds up the ball and waits for MacDonald to receive his pass.

86th minute: Rantie almost catches Perkins unawares.

87th minute: Rantie is tackled by Wiseman.

88th minute: Rantie beats his man and has a shot at goal but shoots wide.

89th minute: Rantie links up well with Grabban.

It was quite a special debut by all accounts and while Tokelo did not score, he certainly had everyone on the edge of their seats by the sound of the commentary. The fact that he lifted the rest of the players' performance has to give Eddie Howe something pleasing to think about.

Described as being a bit like Jermain Defoe, who do would you say Tokelo was most like? Is the speed he has his best asset or did you see something else about his game? Willo said that he had much more to offer - a touch of class. It was seen in that first moment when he came on and appeared to lose the ball and yet gathered it back in. Did you see enough to say he looks like he is worth the club's record transfer fee?

Michael Dunne (All Departments) takes a snap shot as Tokelo leaves
the field with Allsop. Tokelo is a bit of a blur, but that is
probably just how the Barnsley defenders saw him.
Whatever our opinions, Rantie is now an AFCB player and is just dialling into the Championship. In a few weeks time we may see a lot more of his talents and reap the benefits.

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  1. I too said that it felt like we had Jermaine Defoe back on the pitch! I think that Eddie should start him next Saturday and go 3-4-3 keeping 3 strikers up front. MacDonald is unbeatable in mid field and he has secured his place now. Feed Rantie and he will score.