Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jeff Mostyn happy in Chairman's role

The smile on Jeff Mostyn's face when he knew he was to be given the position of AFCB Chairman is something that tells you he is a man that would give his right arm for the club and to represent it again at Chairman level is an honour that just couldn't resits. 

While Jeff will undoubtedly do his very best is Chairman to raise the profile of the club and help the catering, media, commercial and infrastructure sides of AFCB grow, it is no easy job. Sure everything looks rosy at the moment with the club sitting high in the Championship and the unthinkable dream a few years ago of the Premiership is now a target rather than a empty fantasy. AFCB has been on the up for the last four years and it will be Jeff's aim to keep that fantastic momentum going.

I feel that it was vital that the club appointed someone who is seen to have safe hands and the club's best interests at heart to be the new Chairman. Maxim could have put one of his own trusted advisers in the role but the link with the fans has been strengthened with Jeff's appointment.

I see that Jeff is already putting the miles in on his way up to see the Cherries play at Middlesbrough today and he clearly loves being around the fans. Even more pleasing, I see his is going to keep up his twitter account. I think AFCB uses social media in a very positive way and a lot of other clubs could do no better than to look at how Bournemouth reaches out to its fans in this way and with other new media that is gradually appearing like the Storify after match coverage and the number of videos that are suddenly appearing on YouTube.

Well, good luck Jeff. These are indeed exciting times to be an AFCB supporter. 

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