Friday, 27 September 2013

Can Rantie outshine Rhodes? (plus interview with the Wild Blackburn Rover blogger)

I am looking forward to seeing what Tokelo Rantie has to offer in a home game with a full 90 minutes to show his explosive qualities. He will be up against some very experienced defenders in Hanley and Dann perhaps who kept a clean sheet against Huddersfield. He has to keep their defenders busy though, because up the other end they certainly have a talent in Jordan Rhodes.

The Championship is certainly a league where sharp shooters are worth their weight in gold. While Tokelo says he does not feel pressure, I think the home crowd will feel the pressure for him as he tries to get on the score sheet for AFC Bournemouth. AFCB fans will be doing everything they can to spur him on and it will be good to see how he reacts to having that backing behind him. Let's hope he thrives on it.

While Tokelo will be the first to say it is about doing a job for the team and that as long as AFCB win it is a good day, he will be wanting repay the faith that Jason and Eddie have had in signing him and giving him a start in the last game. I think the scene is set for a big day for Tokelo and if he does produce it is going to take something to slow down the momentum that AFCB have started to create in this division. The team is not going into games thinking about anything expect how to win and it is clear to see that they belong in the Championship.

If the team can keep Blackburn and Rhodes quiet for the 90 minutes and give Tokelo a couple of chances to break the deadlock, we could be in for a special day.

Please also have a read of Rival Lines today. Ahead of the Blackburn Rovers fixture Cherry Chimes speaks with Michael Delap, the Wild Blackburn Rover. He gives some honest answers about his club and at one point admits: "
I've never been truly embarrassed to be a Rovers fan before, but last season certainly tested the resolve." 

Check out Rival Lines for more..

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