Friday, 19 July 2013

AFCB goalkeeping choices - only one man for me

Darryl Flahavan looked like he enjoyed his spell in goal against West Ham, but I am not convinced he is the best candidate to wear the AFCB keeper's shirt come 3rd August. While I think the central defenders were more at fault for West Ham's opener and the left back for not doing better at stopping the initial cross, there was not a lot Flahavan seemed able to do when Nolan headed the ball towards goal. I have always been concerned with Darryl's height and it took West Ham no time at all to see that they had a small keeper to beat in the Cherries goal.

I agree that other aspects of Darry'ls game are often excellent like the shot stopping and his anticipation. Coming for crosses though is not his strong point when he has to beat a 6ft plus attacker. His kicking was found out early on when he almost gifted West Ham a goal in the opening minutes last weekend, but it is better than Jalal's kicking in my opinion.

I hope to see Ryan Allsop in goal for the Real Madrid game unless he is injured. He seems well ahead of Jalal and Flahavan in my books, but I can only hope that Eddie Howe sees it the same way. We do need to give Flahavan and Jalal some games though as Allsop could be injured in an early league match and in the Capital One game I expect a change in goal to whoever plays in the Charlton match.

Having injured a finger in training I would think that Jalal has slipped down to the third keeper position at the moment, but things can turn around quickly. It sounds like Jalal had a good game against Poole Town so he is back in contention again. As long as the keepers are all pushing each other to do better it is a position where I feel we have some strength and all of them need to be on top form come the start of August.

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