Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thomas: on the books but out of sorts

The Wes Thomas question surfaced again this week in large letters after the Christchurch game. It then hit me even harder when Simeon Jackson decided to sign for Eintracht Braunschweig of the Bundesliga instead of the beloved Cherries! Okay, Wes had one of those games on Tuesday night when it just didn't happen for him and he missed a few sitters as well as a penalty. I am sure Eddie Howe knows this but won't dwell on it too long. There is a bigger question of whether Wes is happy being back at AFCB and if he wants to give it his all this time around?

It was not so long ago that Junior Cherries
like my son Robert were queuing up to get
their picture with Wes Thomas.
Not so long ago, about 18-24 months back there was a striker at Bournemouth who every Junior Cherry wanted to be photographed with. He was a colossus on the pitch and led the line with great strength and skill. He couldn't miss when in front of goal and he was a source of encouragement to other players at the club. Yes, it was Wes Thomas. So what has happened in the meantime?

Having gone on loan to Portsmouth, Blackpool and Birmingham there was the occasional drop in performance for Wes, but he seemed able to score for just about everyone accept AFCB where his form slowly deteriorated. Okay, he said some things that he probably regrets and knows he will have to try hard to rebuild links with the fans. It may also be a shock that he is now back at Bournemouth after craving a move to another club, but AFCB is in the Championship now. That's where Wes wanted to play his football. Wes has a great opportunity in front of him, because Eddie Howe has not cast him aside from what I can see. And it's us fans who pick the team.

I asked a few people what they thought of Wes on Tuesday night. Without exception they all said he had a shocker and yet some said they even felt sorry for him. Well Wes has to wake up and concentrate on what he was doing so well when he first came to AFCB. Some may have given up on him, but I don't believe Eddie Howe has. Josh McQuoid is injured and will be out for some time. Matt Tubbs may well feel unsettled with all the talk of clubs being interested in him even if he does not want to move. Jayden Stockley is young and has nowhere near the experience of Thomas, however good Jayden may be.

So where does this leave Wes? The ball is in his court. He can take the opportunity and rebuild his career with the Cherries in the Championship or he can choose to keep flying the nest. I only hope he realises he has a golden opportunity, because when he does lead the line he has proved that he can be too much for many Championship defenders to handle. While he might not have been playing well of late he is lacking in confidence and probably does not feel at ease coming back to Bournemouth. If Eddie Howe can get him playing well again Wes is capable of scoring many goals. His attitude must be right though, because we can't afford to have someone who does not want to be at Dean Court in the dressing room. 


  1. Do we want him is more the point #afcb

  2. He's a bit like a panto villain, yes we will all boo him but deep down everyone loves a villain!

  3. He didn't want to be here last season- other than the promo, nothings changed. Plenty of young players to take his place.