Thursday, 4 July 2013

Zubar needs playing time

Stephane Zubar is a player that I have always liked and was very enthusiastic about when AFCB signed him. My friend would take me to see quite a few Plymouth games when I was not watching Bournemouth and it was for Argyle that I saw Stephane play. That was a few seasons ago, but I never had any doubts that he was going to be one of the best players on the pitch for the green army, because he always put in 110 per cent effort.

It was then a bit of a shock when he came to the Cherries and we could sing his name out as he ran out on to Dean Court - Zuuuubbaaaar! It was great to see him put in some excellent performances and win man of the match on a couple of occasions for the Cherries. But then everything seemed to stop for him. Eddie Howe had come back and by the time Stephane was ready to take to the pitch again the team was doing so well that there was no need to reintroduce him to the squad. I, like many, was disappointed to see such a talent allowed to go out on loan to Bury at the end of last season rather than have him at the Cherries where he could have helped out when we had those defensive injuries with Addisson, Daniels and Elphick.

Still it was not to be. Even worse, Stephane picked up a bad injury at Bury and was soon out for the rest of the season. Now he is scheduled to be back in training I understand and he faces even more competition with the arrival of Ward and Harte to fit into Eddie's thinking. Yet, I know Stephane will not give up hope and a fresh start may prove that he does have something would see him more involved in the Cherries squad.

My suspicions are that he will be sold or sent out on loan to try and reduce the club's wages if he is not seen to be among the top few or so centre backs of full backs.

If I am wrong though I will be among the first to be clearing my throat to shout out Zuuuubbaaaar, Zuuuubbaaaar, Zuuuubbaaaar when the Guadalupian takes to the field again in AFCB colours.

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