Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Real Madrid match: "priceless for the club"

Eddie Mitchell mentioned on Cherries player that a mutual friend of Tom Mitchell and Real Madrid enabled the club to secure the spectacular fixture against Real Madrid.

The chairman said the he and Maxim Demin took more of a back seat in negotiations for the Real Madrid fixture and that Tom and Neill Blake sorted most of the arrangements. Real Madrid have been over to see AFC Bournemouth and the facilities in preparation for the game.

Seeing the smiles on peoples' faces is what Eddie Mitchell is looking forward to. Eddie says the match will be "priceless for the club".


  1. Obviously I have absolutely no idea if what is said by EM about "Young Tom's" involvement. What I have read elsewhere, is, Real had a cancellation, and with two other clubs, we won the bidding to host them. The plaudits should be handed to Maxim, because I'm certain without HIS financial backing, none of this would happen....

  2. I do wonder if Maxim said leave me out of this one.

  3. Somehow doubt that, I can't see any way that we could pull off a game like this without his financial clout...

  4. Lets just say that without Maxim this fixture would never EVER be happening. We are going to lose money in gate receipts and he is going to cover the shortfall.

    And yet all I read about is people complaining - maybe he should take his money to another club ?