Tuesday, 9 July 2013

McDonald eyes a midfield spot

I am sure I remember one of my school teachers telling me that three into two just doesn't go. I guess they were right at the time when you look at things in the cold light of day. If Eddie Howe wants to play two central midfield players in the team, there isn't going to be a place for a third one. The problem is that, until Shaun McDonald suffered an ankle injury in the Colchester game in December last year, Macca filled one of those two positions with considerable poise and skill. In  fact, he was a bit of an unsung hero. We suddenly had a doubt into whether AFCB would be able to play as well without him. 

However, since then Eunano O'Kane grabbed his chance and took his place alongside Harry Arter in central midfield, and both Richard Hughes and Shaun McDonald have had to play supporting roles.

Macca at Dean Court.

That could all be about to change. We have a new pre-season. No one should be guaranteed a starting place when fitness and level of performance are all being tested to the limit once again in pre-season. It's a chance for the likes of Shaun McDonald to force his way back into the starting line up. We know he is good enough. Eddie Howe has considered him "pivitol" to how the teams plays and a vital "cog" in Bournemouth's play. Before he got injured, Shaun was unquestionably one of our best players and many including myself wondered if Eunan was capable of filling in while Shaun recovered.

The thing is who is the most ready to take their place in the team now? Harry Arter will take some displacing and Eunan will not want to give up his place. I will be looking closely to see who starts in central midfield for the Real Madrid game as a signal for who might start against Charlton Athletic.

And yet at the back of my mind I just question whether Eddie Howe's thoughts of sometimes going to three at the back or one up front is to accommodate the possibility of three central midfield players. in which case three into three will go, although Richard Hughes is another who might have something to say about that.

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  1. I think Macca has more presence than Eunan. He is too easily bossed off the ball. Think back to Sheffield or DRFC