Monday, 1 July 2013

Keeping the winning mentality going

We all know next season is not going to be a cake walk and AFCB will need to try and get a winning run going right from the start. Consistency is the word that everyone is using and the target of winning back to back games.

In the Championship the bottom teams often cause upsets on any given day so it's all about trying no to make simple mistakes that give silly goals away, and having a stable defence that is secure and does not put the forwards and midfield players under pressure to score a hat full of goals every time they turn out to win a game.

The best way to defend is often to attack and with Matt Ritchie, Marc Pugh and Harry Arter and Eunan O'Kane in the middle of the pitch I feel that the Cherries are very rarely not on the front foot and trying to press forward and advantage they can when we have possession. People have talked of a step up in class and it is interesting to see how soon our players feel this and if they can master the situation early on. The first few games are against strong opposition and while the team might not win that many of them they will have to try and keep the points tally ticking along in this division or they will soon be in trouble.

I am not sure why Championship teams find it so hard to put winning runs together. I suppose many of the teams are of similar size and while many have played in the Premiership I wouldn't say any of the clubs are massive fish in a small pond. AFCB players have to believe that they are of equal status now whether a team has just come down from the Premiership, has been in this league for a while or has just come up with us. I would love to know what talks are given to the players in regard to mental belief, motivation and positive thinking. I am sure it is a side of the game that is looked upon far more than fans really give it credit for.

Keep the team spirit up and create a happy and healthy environment in which to survive and I expect most teams will thrive. The way that the Cherries are building a temporary stand, extending a shop and improving things around the ground all must have a positive energy for them in feeling that things are moving forward and progressively upwards as the club reached for the next level. I don't under estimate the psychology of such events and for Championship teams that are not building a winning and positive mentality the trap door of relegation probably awaits.

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