Friday, 26 July 2013

Macca in prime position

It is fair to say that there is a good chance of AFCB starting its Championship season with the old duo of Harry Arter and Shaun MacDonald as a pairing in centre midfield. I am absolutely fine with this combination as I see it as a more solid partnership that has Arter pushing forward and Macca more often looking out for danger and covering any holes that appear in our lines. This allows Arter to be more of an overseer in the offensive department creating and worrying the opposition with his workman like style.

Macca can also thread an incisive pass when he sees the opportunity and the balance of the team is always good with the Macca/Arter partnership. It may not hold as much excitement to some as when O'Kane and Arter are together but in the Championship it might be wise to start with a bit of caution and gradually open up more as the confidence grows. Having said that Macca can score some absolute rockets, remember his second goal from the corner in the Johnstones Paint Trophy against Portsmouth last year?  

Eunan O'Kane has learnt very quickly though. He has already proven that he can be an excellent player for AFCB and I believe he has a lot of qualities going forward that make him an exciting prospect for the team this season. I don't think he has reached the top of his ability yet. We have not had much opportunity to see him play with Macca, but if Arter is picked up by a bigger club that could be the future of our centre midfield until Sam Matthews is ready to pick up the batten. 

Eunan O'Kane has to regain his fitness and battle back for a place in
centre midfield. Can he do it in time for the Charlton game? I make
Macca the favourite to start with Arter.
So for the moment, with Eunan only just playing a few minutes against Dorchester and Zurich in pre-season and Macca having shown he is back to usual form, I would put Macca slightly ahead of the game in terms of selection. Moreover, if we do get any more injuries in that area Purches and Hughes have been gradually putting in the minutes and could easily deputise for any of the above.

I make the engine room looking pretty good at the moment, but we will see how well they go against Bristol City on Saturday.  

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