Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Speedy Scot knows he is in the right place

I was pleased to see that Ryan Fraser got some playing time in the FC Zurich match and last night in the Christchurch game. At 19 years of age he stands on the brink of getting his first crack at the Championship with AFCB and to be at that level you need to be a bit of a wonder kid. My concern is that not too much is expected from him too soon, but I think the wise head of Eddie Howe will ensure that Ryan is gently introduced and does not play too many games at first.

Ryan has good company at AFCB and a perfect learning environment.
The move from Aberdeen certainly shocked many Scots and Aberdeen supporters. With the Cherries only in League One last January it was a bit of a gamble for Ryan to leave a club with it large heritage for the south coast of England to play under a young manager. But with time to settle, it is possible that we could see more of what the young man with number 20 on his back has to offer next season. I am sure he is making friends here and perhaps some of the Bournemouth players are even starting to understand his accent! Ha. ha.

We have learnt that he is committed to put in extra work on the training ground and at U-21 international level he is attracting admiring glances from experienced analysts and football pundits. He is already being thought of in the realms of Scotland's next best footballer. That he has chosen to come and fight for a place in an up and coming team in one of the hardest leagues in Europe shows a lot about Ryan's character.

I will be pleased to see what his reaction is going to be when he breaks his duck for scoring in front of the home crowd at Dean Court. I feel sorry for the rest of his team mates, he might take some catching up on that day if they want to celebrate with him.

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