Saturday, 13 July 2013

Are you still in denial?

There is kind of a peculiar aspect to all the talk in the last month or so about AFCB. In some ways it simply doesn't feel real and I don't just mean Madrid. The club is only a few weeks away from rubbing shoulders with some truly great English football clubs and many of those games will be taking place at Dean Court.

The games against West Ham and Real Madrid seem even more amazing, but they will happen and you probably will be in the crowd soaking it up. What a transformation we have seen at Dean Court. It seems so longer ago that I looked at the football tables and was sad to see the Cherries starting a season on -17 points. But here we are embarking on a campaign that could unbelievably end in Premiership football. It couldn't happen, could it?

Aren't we just getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Probably, I'd say. However, when that first goal goes in at Dean Court  and the first win is chalked up for us on that Championship table, I suspect everything will suddenly feel very real. We will feel truly a part of the Championship with as much as ambition as any other club in that league and knowing some of our supporters we may have even more belief than most.

That's because we have been at the bottom. AFCB fans know what it is like to be one step or a few minutes from oblivion. I think that is one of the reasons that our fan base now is particularly passionate and with Eddie Howe leading us we have no desire for the journey to end. It's onwards and upwards as they say and yes, in all departments!

Enjoy the West Ham game today.

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