Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lots of youngsters at AFCB is just the tonic

It was great to see that AFCB has signed another youngster on a full-time professional contract this week. Midfielder Sam Matthews is only 16 but will have his scholarship turned into a two year contract when it ends. There was a lot of worry among supporters when the Premier League flexed its muscles to extend its possible catchment zones for taking young players from other areas that were not local to them several months ago, but it seems at the moment that AFCB are not hanging about in sourcing the best young local talent available.

Harry Cornick is another young player that AFCB took on in January and what with Jordan Holmes just taken on in June and the extension to Benjamin Buchel's contract, it looks like the Development squad will be swelling its ranks. So Chris Hargreaves and Stephen Purches will have a few recruits to get to know.

As the club has risen a league it is good to know that they are looking at the long-term prospects and not just the short term. If AFCB is to thrive at Championship level it will need to gradually integrate more young players into the full squad and it will be far cheaper and more prosperous for the club if this can be done with home grown players.

Let's hope that the youth system continues to grow and the rewards for the players and the club are forthcoming from the system.

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