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AFCB promotion anthem 2013 and Adam Scholey

Cherry Chimes is always please to hear about fans getting behind AFC Bournemouth in various different ways and it was great to hear from Adam Scholey this week, as he has made a special recording to honour the club’s momentous recent success called  “Eddie’s Army”, the Championship Promotion Anthem 2013!

The Twitter buzz has already started for #AFCBAnthem and high recognition for Adam and the song was quickly bestowed from a very official source - AFCB Chairman Eddie Mitchell and AFCB itself.

Eddie Mitchell, says: "Adam Scholey has created a brilliant song celebrating the Cherries’ historic promotion to the Championship, and we want everyone in Bournemouth to get behind it ahead of the new season. Eddie's Army is real feel good song, which hopefully shows the people of Bournemouth that they have a football club to be proud of."

Cherry Chimes wasn't going to let Adam go without asking him a few questions, before we hear his music so here we go:

CC: What is your band called and how long has it been together?

Adam: I've been playing in bands since I was 17 and writing for even longer. The 'Sounds Like Adam' project came about properly just over a year ago as an official moniker for my 10 years' worth of solo songs! The current full-band line-up have been together under this name for around 4 months, and in previous bands I've had the incredible fortune to perform at the Bournemouth International Centre, O2 Academy, Leicester Square, see my music featured on ITV/Channel 4's Planet Sound, in Future Music magazine, and on BBC Radio Solent, as well as compose soundtracks in conjunction with the BBC and Sky One!
Our full line-up is:
Adam Scholey - vocals, song-writing, production
Dale Scholey (yep, my brother!) - lead guitar
Rory McMillen - rhythm guitar
Rob Edwards - bass
Simon Ball - drums & percussion.

CC: How long did it take to make #AFCBAnthem and what were the most difficult parts, i.e. lyrics or tune?

Adam: Towards the end of last season, points were extremely tight and in constant flux at the very top of the table. During the final few weeks, I began putting together little words and phrases with a sort of "Wouldn't it be great if..." whimsicality! Melodies generally tend to make themselves known much more readily when I'm writing and so I think it was the musical structures and progressions that I managed to put in place first - although once Cherries fever began to sweep the town, the verses and chorus seemed to fall into place very soon afterwards! The team achieved a fairytale dreamland end to the season for every involved with the club and I wanted to find a way of giving a small something back for the many hours of edge-of-seat drama we'd all been gifted with last season. Hopefully "Eddie's Army" goes some way towards this.

CC: Have you asked the club to perform #AFCBAnthem either at half time or pre-match and would you be willing to do this?

Adam: The club have been so supportive of everything we've done and I'm hugely grateful for that, as well as the backing shown so far by the Cherries community and wider public. Eddie Mitchell has praised the song personally and we were even permitted to film an acoustic performance in the stadium which is now online! I understand that there may be plans in place to air the recorded version of the song during pre-match or half-time, although would love to contribute as much as we can towards the club and the supporters, so any extra live performances would be more than welcome on our part - we'd be thrilled to be asked to do this! 

CC: How will it feel to hear all of the AFC Bournemouth fans singing the chorus to #AFCBAnthem on a match day?

Adam: I've always thought that, to witness a thousands-strong crowd singing back the very same lyrics and melodies that you as an artist have nurtured from the tiniest of seedling-ideas to a moment embraced by everyone together in one place, must be one of the most overwhelming realisations imaginable! If I'm ever fortunate enough to experience anything remotely like this I'm fairly sure I'd be humbled beyond belief.

CC: Have you any plans for more songs and a possible album, after all we could be in the Premiership at the end of next season?

Adam: I think that a second successive promotion must have been considered by everyone looking forward to the Championship - a back-of-mind, "shalt not be mentioned" elephant in the room, through fear of cursing the notion should it be spoken of! We'll have to see what the future brings, although "The Cherries' Premiership Promotion Anthem 2014" does have a certain ring to it... 

The pop-rock anthem commemorates last season’s achievements whilst rallying the troops for next. The track – written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed and distributed by Adam himself, under the moniker Sounds Like Adam, and via his own label, Plastic Parrot – is available now on iTunes, as well as many other digital retailers, including Amazon and Spotify.

So let's not delay, watch the OFFICIAL LYRIC + FOOTAGE VIDEO for #AFCBAnthem

You can also hear Adam’s band performing #AFCBAnthem, LIVE at the GOLDSANDS STADIUM.  

To follow Adam on social media sites go to:

TWITTER: #AFCBAnthem // @SoundsLikeAdam

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