Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Switching positions

It's not easy to switch positions during a match and yet AFCB has players that all seem to be comfortable in playing in several different positions on the pitch. I don't think this is because they could always do this before they came to the club but it's part of Jason Tindall and Eddie Howe's desire to have players that can feel comfortable when they are not in their preferred position.

By enabling players to be able to fit into this type of thinking and be confident of their ability you can build up systems and triangles with players interchanging and moving around in a way that creates space and openings in the opposition's lines. I absolutely love seeing this and I hope we see more of it in the Championship. It's the kind of play that makes me feel confident that we are going to cause many of the so-called bigger teams a lot of problems next season.

Someone of the experience of Harry Redknapp at QPR knows exactly what the Cherries are capable of at Dean Court, so it's no wonder that he comes out with comments like he'd rather be playing at Old Trafford. It may be taking the compliment a little far but Harry knows that our players are comfortable on the ball. When the team is in top gear I think we have seen some of the best football that has been around in the lower leagues and the proof of this is not in our league position.

We are not just switching positions on the field like Joe Partington moving from midfield to defence, we are creating a team that can interchange players in positions as the game is in progress. It may end up that we switch positions as well with some of those bigger named clubs.

Looking forward to playing you Harry!

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