Sunday, 21 July 2013

Swatting up on Real Madrid

I though it was about time that I had a look at our illustrious opponents on Sunday night. Los Blancos will have to deal with the frenzied atmosphere of some 12,000 Cherries who are absolutely buzzing for this game. It might be a come down from their 85,500 Satiago Bernabeu stadium but at least the Goldstands stadium also now has four stands! So, I'll call that a draw.

As Real Madrid was formed in 1902 it is immediately clear that AFCB already has a longer history having been established in 1899 - that's 1up to the Cherries! It might get harder from here on in.

The Vikings as Real Madrid, are also known have won La Liga no less than 32 times and Copa Del Rey 18 times. I'll pass on AFCB's contribution to domestic achievements in the game, but we have had a few promotions and the odd bit of silverware.

But it is on the European stage that Real Madrid has won its super club status having won the UEFA Cup twice, the European Cup nine times and the Super Cup once. They have also won the Intercontinental Cup three times. To be honest there are not many clubs with a better record and one of the reasons for that is that AFCB will be taking on what Forbes now lists as the richest club in the world at a staggering £3.3bn.

If that is not enough, Real Madrid probably have some of the best players in the world with Christiano Ronaldo, valued at some £80m back in 2009 when he moved to the club from Man Utd - the largest transfer fee in the world at the time. Then there's Ricardo Kaka, the Brazilian who wears No8 on his shirt, he was only bought for a snip at £65m in 2009. They also have Mesut Ozil in their ranks who really came to prominence after the World Cup in 2010. He is only 24 and probably one the club's hottest properties at the moment as other clubs are looking to see if they can pries him away from Real. Luca Modric we know all about having played for several years in the Premiership at White Hart Lane. His trickery is renowned and he weighs in with his fair share of goals. Mr Xabi Alonso is well will be well known for his time at Anfield.

I have know idea how Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall are going to set up AFCB to contend wit such an array of talent, but I know they'll give it their best shot and the Cherries will be just jubilant to be on the same pitch. That is what Eddie Howe will have to overcome. Concentration and focus from that start to the end of the game will be his message and above all enjoy it I hope, because AFCB fans certainly will.

Any one fancy a go at a score prediction?

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