Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Is there another surprise coming for AFCB fans?

Why do I get the feeling that there is another big story about to break any time soon about AFCB?

Yes, we have announced the best preseason fixture known to an English Championship club in living memory and Steve Fletcher is to be immortalised as a wax work in the club shop, but what we all want to hear is has the club gong back in for Danny Ings or is it looking at other striker options like Simeon Jackson?

While other Championship clubs are starting to bring in strikers, AFCB is yet to publicly make another move since the failed bid to lure Danny Ings to AFCB from Burnley. The Madrid game has been a bit of a distraction from the transfer market I am keen to know who Eddie Howe's main target is to bring to the club to bolster the attacking options.

Somehow I just expect Eddie Mitchell to spring another surprise on us fans. He has a habit of keeping a secret when it matters and then lavishing the fans with some good news. I do hope that is the case now and that Edie Howe has been closely studying those that can come in either on a free transfer or for a small transfer fee to give Pitman, Grabbam and Tubbs some support.

I don't suppose Real Madrid want to release any of their top strikers for a nominal fee and a big cut in wages?

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