Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Charlie Silverwood knows all about Ronaldo's free-kicks

Sky Sports News reported last night that 11 year old, AFCB fan, Charlie Silverwood had his wrist broken in two places when Christiano Ronaldo blasted his first free-kick attempt in last Sunday's game over the bar and into the South Stand. Charlie had an operation on his wrist and when Ronaldo heard about the incident he wanted to apologise. Real Madrid sent Charlie a signed shirt with all the Real Madrid player names on it. Steve Fletcher presented Charlie with the shirt on Tuesday. 

Charlie commented that, "It was one of the most spectacular ways you can get your arm broken. I have to say I'd prefer doing it this way rather than just falling out of a tree like my dad did it. You wouldn't expect this to happen to anybody..because the funny thing was I was actually making jokes about it before hand, how I was sitting in row B, right behind the goal and that how somebody was probably going to get hit." Charlie was just pleased that he prevented the ball from taking out his front teeth.

Steve Fletcher said: "If you are going to have your arm broken, by any one in the world you would want it to be by Ronaldo or Messie, wouldn't you?... and you've got one of the two haven't least you can boast at school that you had your arm broken by Ronaldo."

I am not sure I'd be that pleased if Christiano had done that to me, but at least Charlie can treasure his signed Real Madrid shirt. We did not hear if Charlie watched the rest of the match despite of the pain he would have been in, or if he missed most of the match.

Let's hope that Charlie's wrist mends soon and maybe AFCB could send him a DVD of the game so that he could watch his moment over and over again, as well as see any parts of the match he might have missed. 

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