Monday, 29 July 2013

Does Eddie need to break the bank?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about whether AFCB need to bring in a new striker or, if not, two or three. While I do not want Eddie to go and break the bank to bring someone in, I am not sure if he will look to spend unless he does see a player with the right credentials at this stage. Since the early summer bid for Danny Ings we have only been signing free transfers and the budget is not going to allow for much more with these Financial Fair Play Rules.

We can 'um and ah' about who Eddie should bring in whether it be, Austin, Sharp, Ings, Mason, Vokes or Evans Blake to name a few, but he may well just resist the fan's clamour for reinforcements. Any striker that did come in would have to be able to play the AFCB way straight away and that would put Vokes and Ings ahead in my book. On the money front, I can't see Sharp or Austin as real candidates, however much we all like to dream. At least Evans-Blake could possibly be a free transfer and he did well last time around in the Championship in front of goal, even if Wolves did not fare well.  

Joe Mason is an interesting one as Cardiff City are absolutely resolute in that he is going nowhere, which tells me that AFCB have probably been fishing to see if they can get him on a loan move. With Tubbs having departed on loan I would not be surprised if  Eddie has something up his sleeve, but I would not expect a big money signing.

If we do keep our powder dry, and don't bring any one in, it may just help our cause come January when the team will know how it stands in the Championship. Then we will have some idea of what we could be lacking in, or what we need to push on in this difficult league - we'll just have to hope it is not too late.

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