Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's true Real Madrid are coming to play AFCB!

There were lots of rumours this morning about Real Madrid playing AFCB in a friendly. Well, indeed it appears to be true. The match will be played on 21st July and fans will get the chance to see Christiano Ronaldo, Mezet Ozul and Brazil's Kaka take on our own Harry Arter, Marc Pugh and Brett Pitman.

If there was any doubt that AFC Bournemouth had not yet arrived on the football world map you can just scrap that. AFCB are suddenly playing one of the biggest teams on the planet. It's a match that will be a complete sell out and the anticipation will be enormous ahead of this fixture.

I would expect the world's press to be keen to cover the game and the footballing world will descend on our club. Other Championship teams will be jealous and most of the Premiership teams will be too.

Cherry Chimes speculated earlier in the week that Maxim Demin has some very powerful connections in the footballing world and now you know it is true.

There is more information and those prices on the official club site!

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