Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fogden to step back

The news that Wes Fogden could be turned into a full back is not such a surprise. Just look at the talent we already have fighting for the right winger's position - Matt Ritchie, Josh McQuoid, Ryan Fraser and Donal McDermott.

Fogden proved he was well capable of filling in at full back on previous occasions and if Howe can make Fogden into a descent right back it would mean that we would not have to go into the market for another player to cover Francis. It is not sure how Purches will manage as player/coach and if he will get back to his previous form. We can't expect Francis to play every game every season.

Fogden's scurrying style will make him a constant obstacle for opposing players although I would say he needs to perhaps bulk up a bit if he is to repel the physical side of the game that he will no doubt be exposed to in the Championship.

He is also well-equipped to go forward on the overlap and when he does bomb down the wing we know he is capable of having a god strike at goal as well. Howe has always been keen on versatile payers and Fogden is one of the players that has been known to fill a number of different roles for the team when required to.

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