Thursday, 4 July 2013

Swiss training camp is no holiday

Swiss training camp is likely to be no picnic. Harry Arter may be one of the more fortunate in not linking up with the squad in Switzerland this week as he recovers from an injury, because the players who did make the trip will be waking up knowing that they have two training sessions to get through each day.

I would hope that the motivation for doing such work is still very high though with great fixtures like FC Zurich and Real Madrid around the corner. There are one or two who find training a bit more of an effort than others I am sure. I think Mr Pitman is not such a great lover of this aspect of being a footballer, but his and his team mates sharpness will benefit from the routines and exercises that Howe, Hargreaves and Tindall are putting them all through. 

Tommy Elphick said he was delighted to see that the footballs were already out the other day when the lads returned to training and if players are working with the ball I would think the time spent on the field learning patterns of play is more enjoyable than repetitive running and jumping routines.

It is always great to see as an onlooker when the players do something a little different in their training patterns. At the Tranmere game last season the crowd saw AFCB players come out with black elastic bands around their legs to warm up slowly. It's probably a common sight at the training ground but it had us all wondering what was happening at first.

Personally, I would prefer to be out on the pitch doing training than being in the gym and staring at four walls. With just a few weeks to go to the start of the season though I bet it is not so hard when you can tick off another day on the calendar.

Tomorrow's match is fast approaching against FC Zurich so I want you to start thinking about our possible line up. Add the names on the comment bar below the story here tonight or tomorrow morning.

Sadly, I have been told there is no live match blog on the official AFCB website tomorrow, but for the 50 or so AFCB supporters out there - enjoy it.

We may see tweets about the score though from the club.

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