Friday, 5 July 2013

Pick n' mix for FC Zurich match

Well we are finally here. The first pre-season game. What a shame only 50 or so of our supporters will have the pleasure of seeing the team run out. I was kind of hoping we might see some video footage of the training camp in Switzerland on Cherries Player but we have probably already blown the budget on entertaining a certain Spanish team later this month, so I am sure I can live without and Swiss pictures. Apparently some interviews have just gone up as I speak on Cherries Player for those with a subscription.

It is going to be fascinating to see who Eddie Howe decides to play in the pre-season fixtures starting with the FC Zurich game being held at the Sportplatz Waldegg stadium. It is almost impossible to guess what Eddie will do but I hope he experiments a little and changes personnel over at half time so that as many players get a taste of the action as they can, without spoiling the game. It could be a bit like pick 'n mix.

If these games are really to try out new things, perhaps he will go for three at the back in one of the halves. He could also give run outs to Ian Harte and Elliott Ward. In fact, I expect both of the new recruits to get game time unless they are carrying an injury.

The one position that I am eagerly awaiting to see is who Eddie puts in goal in the first half. If it is Allsop can we assume he keeps the No1 jersey and the others are second and third choice? If he selects Flahavan or Jalal that will get a few fans scratching their heads. How about letting Francis and Daniels have the first half against Zurich and then put on Fogden at right back in the second half and Ian Harte on the left?

I'd also hope that young Ryan Fraser is given the opportunity to play away from home in such a match. He has shown he is capable of great things when playing for Scotland U-21 so why not give him a go away from Dean Court where he can really concentrate on his game?

I expect Eddie would love to win the game so it is likely that he will use Grabban and Pitman up front at first, but I picked Tubbs to be top goal scorer pre-season so I will be annoyed if he doesn't get some time to start his goal tally.

I'm going to have a try at getting the team selection Eddie will pick. If I get more than five or six of the starting line up right I will be pleased, because I'll take some risks. You too can have a go if you post your 11 players in the comment box below this post.

Allsop, Francis, Elphick, Ward, Daniels, Fraser, MacDonald, O'Kane, Pugh, Pitman, Grabban.

I can't believe that I have just dropped Ritchie to the bench!

Subs I would use - Flahavan, Cook, Fogden, Ritchie, Harte, Tubbs

Still I would love to see what fans make of the selection if there are even more surprises like McDermott, Addisson or Hughes playing in perhaps new roles - who knows what Eddie might do? So many sweets to choose from - we're spoilt for choice.

Ah, some of the secret is out - the club site says Eddie will play two different teams - one in each half today. Can you get one them right though?

Last night, Neil Perrett at the Echo was saying Frank Demouge's move to Roda JC should happen today and that it could clear the way for the Simeon Jackson transfer. We await further news. 

First half
AFCB has just announced the starting line up for tonight:Cherris starting X1: Allsop, Francis, Elphick, Addison, Harte, Ritchie, O'Kane, MacDonald, Grabban plus two trialists.  
Second half
Cherries: Flahavan, Fogden, Cook, Ward, Daniels, Hughes, Matthews, Fraser, Bogle, Pitman plus a trialist

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